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TMEA Mock Audition

November 12th 2022

1-4PM at Rouse High School

Registration Cost: $25

Mock Audition Details

The Teupha Camp TMEA Mock Audition aims to take what is normally a dreadful process and turn it into something you'll look forward to! We know that the All-Region audition process can be both mind-numbingly boring and incredibly stressful all at the same time. No one wants to sit silently through a 3 hour audition, so we're not going to! David Hummel and Brett Blackstone are veteran teachers and experienced TMEA All-Region judges who have each taught numerous All-State students. They will guide you through the common pitfalls of this year's TMEA All-Region etudes in a masterclass / mock audition combo. At Teupha we love to have fun, and this "mock audition" will be no different! We hope you can join us!